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Midwifery Care

Our teams of Registered Midwives provide support to growing families in Victoria and surrounding areas.

Midwives are Primary Care Providers. This means midwives can order blood tests, and ultrasounds and prescribe certain medications. Midwives are covered by MSP.

Our practice believes in empowering families and strengthening communities.
We offer full prenatal care; delivery at Victoria General Hospital or home; and postpartum care up to 6 weeks. 



Infant Feeding Support

Feeding your baby can be challenging.

With the right support, you can overcome challenges; set realistic goals; and find what works for your baby and your family.
As a lactation consultant, I am here to support you in optimizing your infant feeding. From finding a pain-free latch to timing the introduction of other methods of feeding your baby, I can help guide you through this special time 

Midwifery Services

Primary care from the time of conception utnil 6 weeks postpartum. Registered Midwives are covered under MSP





Meet with me preanatally to set yourself up for success with breast/chest feeding goals!

Newborn Baby

Lactation Consult

for Babies Birth to 6 weeks

Home and hospital visits available in the Victoria area, or book virtual appointments if you prefer.  Covered by MSP for BC residents.

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